World Countries Information

Welcome to World Facts Club, where we plan on sharing country-specific posts full of facts and information including travel and music about every country in the world.

Each country post will include basic country information, as well as adapted country documentation from CIA World Factbook as well as the USA Department of State country Fact Sheets. In addition, we will include travel videos specific to each country as well as music videos to enhance knowledge and understanding.

We strongly believe that it is very important to know our neighbors, in this case the countries of the world, and try to understand the history, economics, population, culture, and the current socio-political trends of other countries of the world. This information, presented here in clear to understand text and videos, makes it possible for English Learners who wish to improve their English skills become more engaged in learning, synthesizing their knowledge, and sharing their insights with the world.

Here are some of the topics that we may include when sharing basic country information for the countries listed below:

  1. Location
  2. Area and size
  3. Capital
  4. Provinces/States
  5. National Holiday
  6. Climate
  7. Country symbol / colors
  8. Population
  9. Main languages spoken
  10. Main religions represented
  11. Literacy rate
  12. Economy / GDP per capita
  13. Unemployment rate
  14. Poverty line
  15. Internet country code
  16. Number of Internet Users
  17. Illicit drugs
  18. Final thoughts, insights, and possible solutions to some of the problems each country faces

Click here to learn about different countries of the world and improve your English:

1. Afghanistan

2. Albania

3. Algeria

4. Andorra

5. Angola

6. Antigua and Barbuda

7. Argentina

8. Armenia

9. Aruba

10. Australia

11. Austria

12. Azerbaijan

13. Bahamas

14. Bahrain

15. Bangladesh

16. Barbados

17. Belarus

18. Belgium

19. Belize

20. Benin

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