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Here are some basic facts about Argentina: Argentina is a country located in Southern South America, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean between Chile and Uruguay. Argentina measures a total area of 2,780,400 square kilometers and is considered the 9th largest country in the world. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Argentina is organized into 23 different provinces. Argentina celebrates Independence Day since 9th of July, 1816, when it gained independence from Spain. It also celebrates May Revolution Day since 25th of May, 1810. Argentina’s climate is mostly temperate, arid in the South East, yet sub Antarctic in the South West. Argentina’s symbol is the Sun of May, resembling a sun with a face symbol. The official colors of Argentina are sky blue and white.

Here are some facts about Argentina’s population and demographics: Argentina has an estimated total population of 45,864,941 and is ranked as the 32nd most populous country. The main languages spoken in Argentina include Spanish, the official language, as well as Italian, English, German, French, and indigenous, including Mapudungun and Quechua. The main religions represented in Argentina are Roman Catholic, at 62.9%, and Evangelical at 15.3%. The literacy rate in Argentina is at 99%, with males at 98.9% and females at 99.1%, based on a 2018 estimate.

Here are some facts about Argentina’s economy: The GDP per capita in Argentina was at $22,064 in 2019, ranking the country’s GDP rate number 86 in the world. The unemployment rate in Argentina is 9.84%. 35.5% of the population fell below the poverty line in 2019.

Here are some facts about internet use in Argentina: The official internet country code of Argentina is .AR. The estimated total number of internet users in Argentina is 33,203,320 people, meaning 74.29% of the population, per a 2018 estimate.

Here are some facts about illicit drugs in Argentina: Argentina is a transshipment country for cocaine headed for Europe, heroin headed for the United State, and ephedrine and pseudoephedrine headed for Mexico.

Here are some of Maestro Sersea’s thoughts about Argentina: Argentina is a large country with strong literacy rate and internet use, but with a weak economy. With a high unemployment rate of almost 10% and an even higher poverty line of over 35%, Argentina needs further development of its economy to help its people thrive.

Here’s some additional information about Argentina from the CIA World Factbook:

You can learn even more information about Argentina with our video based on the 2021 United States Department of State Argentina Factsheet:

Argentina is a beautiful country with lots of destinations to see and explore. Here’s a tourism video from Argentina you’re sure to enjoy:

Argentina is popular for it’s Tango music. Here’s a video with Tangos from Argentina:

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  1. Hello , Hind from Iraq , Argentina I is a country located in southern South America. It is considered the 9th largest country in the world which organized in 23 different convinces.
    Argentina has mostly temperature climate with arid in the south east , yet sub Antarctic in south west.
    The main language include Spanish, the official language, as well as Italian , English , German , French and others while the main religion is roman Catholic with evangelical.
    The GDP per capital in Argentina was at $ 22,046 in 2019 that mean unemployment rat was 9.8 % while 35.5% the population fell below poverty line in 2019 also Enter net user was 74% population with 99% literacy rate.
    Argentina is a transshipment country for Cocaine headed for Europe ,heroin headed for the United state and ephedrine for Mexico . At last this country need improve economy to help its people thrive.
    My point of view all them has week economy with large unemployment percentage and high line poverty despite of has large literacy while my country with all this reasons we have low literacy so the main solvent is diversification economy.

  2. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    Argentina is a country located in southerneast south America. Argentina measure an area of 2,780,400 square kilometers in a large elongated shape Argentina was sparsely inhabited by a few indigenous tribes before Spain’s colonized it in the 16th and 17th centuries. Argentina gained independence day on the 9th of July 1816. Argentina is divided into 23 different provinces being Buenos Aires its Capital is also the largest city in the Americas. Regarded as one of the most beautiful countries by its aggressive beauty count with varied landscapes and wildlife exotic to visit, snow-capped mountains. This is any of the places to visit in Argentina: Cordova with its Spanish colonial buildings is one of the most attractive cities to visit. Iguazu falls a series of magnificent waterfalls The fall in itself is a breathtaking spectacle, but its beauty is all the more enhanced by the surrounding lush forest teeming in exotic wildlife. The fall area and wildlife are protected by the Iguazu National Park. Bariloche with its chocolate shops, Swiss-Style architecture, and picturesque setting of pristine lakes and snow-capped mountains, make it one enchanting city. Los Glaciares or Glacier National Park is home to some of the most world’s most awe-inspiring national wonders. Located in Santa Cruz, a province of the vast Patagonia region. The National Park features the largest out cap outside of Greenland and Antarctica. The repeated advancing and retreating cycle of the glaciers present a never-ending show of cracking ice and thunderous booms as giant block break away and crash into the lakes with enormous splashes located in the Southern section of the Park. And other beautiful cities such as Ibera Wetlands, Puerto Madryn, Mount Fits Roy, Mendoza, Ushuaia are beautiful destination places.
    I did the essay based on the third video that you’ve provided.

  3. Hello everyone:
    Angentina is a big and beautiful country.
    One of the most important problem of Angentina is the poverty with 35.5% of the total population. However, this is a country with a great potential to reach a a high development level but likely of almost all of the latinaerican country, need to resolve its ideological and political problems for define concrets actions and strategies that impulse it in that directions, which imcludes strengthening their relationships and alliances with united States as ones of the main partners.

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