World Facts Club

Welcome to World Facts Club!

World Facts Club is an educational website designed for English Learners from all over the world who wish to increase world knowledge as well as improve American English listening and reading comprehension, as well as writing skills.

Created by a California-based American public school teacher with over 30 years of experience, nicknamed Maestro Sersea, World Facts Club aims to share information and insights about every country of the world, as well as provide a platform for discussion and learning for English Learners from all over the world. Our aim is that visitors of World Facts club learn and improve American English comprehension and communication skills as well as develop critical thinking skills while assessing the information presented here about different topics and facts about the world and sharing insights and solutions via our interactive comment section at the bottom of each post.

Here are the different sections that are part of World Facts Club, designed to help improve international knowledge as well as encourage English Learners to start new and interesting conversations in English with others on a variety of international topics.

  1. Country Studies: This section allows English Learners to read entire books in PDF format about different countries of the world, as well as comment on them and exchange insights and information they’ve learned. Click here to access our Country Studies section.
  2. Daily Facts: This section enables English learners to learn daily facts from all around the world, including Birth, Deaths, Events, and Holidays. Click here to access our Daily Facts section.
  3. Facts About the USA: This section shares interesting information about places, people, and the government of the United States of America. Click here to access our Facts about the USA section.
  4. Information about Countries of the World: This section includes interesting facts about different countries of the world gathered from CIA World Factbook as well as from US Department of State. In addition, we include travel and music videos to encourage English Learners to learn further and share insights and knowledge with others. Click here to access our Information about Countries of the World section.
  5. Sports News: This section encourages English Learners to read about the international sports they enjoy and have conversations on sports themes with others in English. Click here to access our Sports News section.