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Let’s start with some basic facts about Austria: Austria is located in Central Europe, north of Italy and Slovenia. The total area and size of Austria is 83,871 square kilometers, making it the 114th largest country in the world. The capital of Austria is Vienna. Austria is organized into 9 states. Austria celebrates National Day as of October 26th, 1955, when the passage of the Law of Permanent Neutrality was instated. The climate of Austria is temperate, with cold winters and moderate summers. Austria’s country symbols are the eagle, edelweiss, and Alpine gentian. Austria’s national colors are red and white.

Here are some additional facts about Austria’s population and demographics: According to a July 2021 estimate, the population total is 8,884,864. The main languages spoken in Austria include: German at 88.6 percent, Turkish at 2.3 percent, Serbian at 2.2 percent, as well as Croatian at 1.6 percent. The main religions represented in Austria according to a 2016 to 2018 estimate are: Catholic at 57 percent, Eastern Orthodox at 8.7 percent, as well as Muslim at 7.9 percent.

Now, let’s learn some facts about Austria’s economy: The GDP per capita in Austria is $56,188. The Unemployment rate in Austria is 7.35 percent and the percent of people living under the poverty line is 13.3.

Here are some facts about internet use in Austria: The internet country code of Austria is .AT and, according to a July 2018 estimate, the number of internet users is 7,712,665 people or 87.71 percent of the total population of Austria.

As for illicit drugs, Austria is a transshipment point for Southwest Asian heroin and South American cocaine destined for Western Europe. Austria is also increasing its use of synthetic drugs produced in Europe.

Here are Maestro Sersea’s final thoughts about Austria: A prosperous democratic country, Austria is part of the European Union and has had a long history as the head of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Austria has a solid economy with a high-skilled labor force that enjoys a high standard of living. Travelers from all over the world visit Austria to see historical buildings and monuments in a beautiful setting.

You’re invited to watch a video about Austria with additional facts from the CIA World Factbook:

Here are more facts about Austria we encourage you to watch, compliments of the United States Department Austria Fact Sheet:

Are you interested in traveling to Austria? Would you like to watch a travel video from Austria to see it for yourself prior to your trip? Here’s a travel video from Austria I hope you enjoy watching:


Here’s a musical video including more than 30 minutes of traditional Austrian folk music for your listening pleasure. Many people say Austrian folk music is fun and uplifting. What do you think?

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  1. Hello , Hind from Iraq ,Austria is located in the central Europe , north of Italy and Slovenia . It is making 14th the largest country in the world . The capital of it is Vienna .It is organized into 9 stated.
    The national of it as of October 26th , 1955, when the passage of the law of permanent neutrality was instated.The climate of it temperature , with cold winter and moderate summers.
    The symbols of it are eagle and national colors are red and white .
    Democratic of it (main language is spoken included German, Turkish , Serbian as well as Croatian with the main religion (Catholic , orthodox , muslim).
    The economy is very strong because the DDP per capita in it is $56,188.
    The unemployment rate is 7.35% and percentage of people living under poverty line is 13.3 , as well as has sold economy with a high skilled labor force that enjoyed a high standard of living.
    Internet country code of it is AT, and the number of user is 87.17% of the total population of Austria .
    The illicit drug is transshipment point for southwest Asia heroin and doth American Cocaine destine for west Europe also increasing its use of synthetic drugs produced in Europe .
    Austria is part of European Union and had had long history as the head Austro -Hungarian Empire

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