Sports are international entertainment that English Learners can discuss and share with each other.

English Learners from all over the world are invited to discuss sports here. Here are some of the most popular sports in the world:

  1. Baseball — Baseball is an American sport that is played between two teams of nine players. Each team has a pitcher, catcher, fielders, and hitters to score points. The goal of the game is to score runs by hitting a ball that has been pitched with a bat. The players signaled their hits with four basic gestures: swinging for a single, swinging for a double, swinging for a triple, and swinging for home run.
  2. Basketball — Basketball is a popular sport in which two teams of five players each try to score points on their opponent’s goal. The ball is thrown from player to player until it is either made into the goal or a shot at the hoop misses. This may be done by a jumpshot, a slam dunk, or a layup.
  3. Football — Football is a game that can be played in two different ways. One way is to play on an oval field where the object of the game is to put the ball into the end zone of the opposite team. The most common type of football game is American football, where there are 11 players on each side with one player per position on both offense and defense.
  4. Hockey — Hockey is a game where two teams of six players each use sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent’s goal. Players on the team more possession of the puck are called “The Attack” or “Offense”. Players on the other team are called “Defense.” The game is played on an ice hockey rink with five members, including one goalie, for each team. Each game lasts sixty minutes divided into three twenty minute periods separated by twenty-minute breaks.
  5. Soccer — Soccer is a team sport that is played on the ground with a round or oval ball. The objective of the game is to score by kicking, heading or flicking the ball past an opposing team’s goal line. This may be achieved by dribbling, passing, or shooting using various parts of the body between other players.

What sports are you into? Do you play these sports or just enjoy watching them? Read the latest international sports news in the English language so you can have topics to talk about and have conversations in English with others.

Sports News Topics for Discussion

Click on the links below to add you insights and comments on specific Sports News topics:

  1. What’s your favorite sport?
  2. What’s your favorite baseball team?
  3. Who’s your favorite baseball player?
  4. What’s your favorite basketball team?
  5. Who’s your favorite basketball player?
  6. What’s your favorite football team?
  7. Who’s your favorite football player?
  8. What’s your favorite hockey team?
  9. Who’s your favorite hockey player?
  10. What’s your favorite cricket team?
  11. Who’s your favorite cricket player?
  12. Are you a fan of tennis? What do you like most about it?
  13. Are you a fan of bowling? What do you like most about it?
  14. Are you a fan of table tennis? What do you like most about it?
  15. Are you a fan of water polo? What do you like most about it?
  16. Are you a fan of gymnastics? Who’s your favorite gymnast? Why?

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