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Let’s start with some basic facts about Bahamas: Bahamas is a chain of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, 50 miles southeast of Florida, and northeast of Cuba. Bahamas has an area and size of 13,880 square kilometers, and is ranked as the 160th country in size. The capital of Bahamas is Nassau. Bahamas is organized into 31 different districts. Bahamas celebrates its Independence Day as a national holiday every 10th of July since 1973, when it became independent from the United Kingdom. The climate of Bahamas is tropical Marine and is moderated by warm waters from Gulf Stream. The country symbols of Bahamas include the blue marlin, flamingo, and Yellow Elder flower. The official colors of Bahamas are aquamarine, yellow, and black.

Here are some facts about the population and demographics from Bahamas: The total population of Bahamas is 352,655. The main languages spoken in Bahamas are English (official), and Creole. The main religions represented in Bahamas include: Protestant at 69.9 percent, Roman Catholic at 12 percent, and other Christian at 13 percent.

Here are some additional facts about the economy from Bahamas: The GDP per capita is $37,101, ranking it the 53rd in the world. The 2017 estimate of the unemployment rate puts Bahamas at 10.1 percent. A 2010 estimate identifies the percentage of the population below the poverty line to be at 9.3 percent.

Here are some internet facts about Bahamas: The internet code is .BS. The number of internet users in Bahamas was estimated in July 2018 to be at 282,739 or 85 percent of the population.

In regards to illicit drugs, Bahamas is a transshipment point for cocaine and marijuana bound for the United States and Europe.

Here are some of Maestro Sersea’s thoughts about Bahamas: The Bahamas economy is heavily dependent on tourism and financial services and can branch out into internet technology and other information-based areas due to English being the official language and an impressive 85 percent of the population connected to the internet. Subject to hurricanes and other weather disturbances, the Bahamas would thrive even more if it would diversify its economy further.

Here is a video with additional facts about Bahamas from CIA World Factbook:

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Is Bahamas a destination you’d like to travel to? Would you like to visit or move to Bahamas? Here’s a Bahamas tourism video for you to watch and enjoy:

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  1. Hello , hind from Iraq , Bahamas is located in the north Atlantic Ocean, 50 miles southeast of Florida and northeast of has ranked as the 160th in sizes with capital is Nassau . It has organized 31 different distract.
    The climate of it is tropical marine and moderate by warm water from Gulf stream.
    Here is some demographics about is (total population. Is 352,655) , with the main language spoken English ( official) and Creole with main religion Protestant and other Christian .
    The economy from Bahama that GDP per capita is $ 37,101 ranking in the 53rd in the world and unemployment rat at 10.1 percentage with the percentage of population below poverty line is at 9.3.
    The fact a bout illicit drugs it is a transshipment point for Cocaine and marijuana bound from US and Europe .
    The Bahamas economy is heavily depend on tourism and financial service and can branch out into internet technology and other information base areas due to English begins the official language and impressive 85 percentage of population connect to the internet . Bahamas would thrive even more if it would diversify it is economy further.
    My country have brittle economy in spite of has many resources but we depend only on oil also political corruption so we need thrive even more if it would diversity it is economy further.

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