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Let’s start with some basic facts about Bahrain: Bahrain is located in the Middle East, in an archipelago in the Persian Golf, east of Saudi Arabia. The area and size of Bahrain is 760 square kilometers. The capital of Bahrain is Manama. Bahrain is organized into 4 separate governorates. Bahrain celebrates National Day every 6th of December, since 1971, when it gained independence from British protection. The climate of Bahrain is arid and mild, with pleasant winters but very hot and humid summers. The country symbol of Bahrain is a red field surmounted by a white serrated band with five white points, which represent the pillars of Islam. Bahrain’s country colors are red and white.

Here’s some information about Bahrain’s population and demographics: According to a July, 2021 estimate, Bahrain has a population total of 1,526,929. The main languages spoken in Bahrain are Arabic (official language), English, Farsi, and Urdu. The main religions represented in Bahrain are Muslim, at 73.7 percent, and Christian, at 9.3 percent.

In terms of its economy, Bahrain has a Fitch rating of B+. Bahrain is considered to be the 38th highest economy in the world.

As for the internet, Bahrain has an internet country code of .BH, and an astounding 98.6 percent of its population uses the internet, according to a 2018 estimate.

Here are some of Maestro Sersea’s thoughts: Bahrain, despite it’s remarkably small size, has taken major steps to diversify its strong economy beyond petroleum production and aluminum production, hospitality, retail sector, and finance. Bahrain plays a balancing act between its two large neighbors, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Bahraini government has been confronting pro-democracy protests. I suggest further efforts by the government to democratize the political and economic systems towards a more stable future.

Here’s a video with additional facts about Bahrain based on facts from CIA World Factbook:

Here is an additional video with facts about Bahrain from the United States Department Bahrain Fact Sheet:

Did you find Bahrain an interesting country to learn about? Would you like to travel to Bahrain and see it for yourself? Start by watching a tourism video about Bahrain:

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3 thoughts on “Bahrain – World Facts Club

  1. Hello , hind from Iraq ,Bahrain is located in the Middle East in an archipelago in the Arab golf , east of Saudi Arabia.
    The capital of it is Manama while is organized into 4 separate governs rate.
    The climate of it is arid and mild with pleasant winter withe very hot and humid summers .
    The main language spoken in it are Arabic( official language ), English , Fairs and Urdu. With the main religion in it are Muslim with Christian .
    Economy has a fitch rating of B+ , which it consider to be 38th highest economy in the world

    1. BH is internet country code in it ,and astounding 98.6 percentage of it percentage of user internet .
      Bahrain. In spite of remarkably small size has taken Maher steps to diversify it strong economy beyond petroleum and aluminum production , hospitality, retail sector and finance also it plays balancing acts its between Tow large neighbor Iran and Saudi Arabia ( I hope my country play the same).
      The Bahrain government has been confronting pro- democracy protest.
      I suggest further efforts by the government democratic the political and economic system toward more stable future ( I hope my country the same and i wish the same)

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