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Here’s some basic information about Belize: Belize is located in Central America, bordering the Caribean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico. The area and size of Belize is 22,966 square kilometers or number 151 in the world. The capital of Belize is Belmopan. Belize is organized into 6 districts. Belize celebrates National Day since 10 September, 1798 as well as Independence Day, since 21 September 1981, when it became independent from the United Kingdom. The climate of Belize is tropical, which is very hot and humid, with a rainy season between May to November, and a dry season, between February to May. The country symbols in Belize include Baird’s tapir, the keel-billed toucan, and the black orchid. The national colors are red and blue.

Here are some additional facts about Belize’s population and demographics: Belize has a population of 405,633 and is considered number 175 in the world as per a July 2021 estimate. The main languages spoken in Belize are English, the official language, at 62.9 percent, Spanish, at 56.6 percent, and Creole at 44.6 percent. The main religions represented in Belize are: Roman Catholic at 40.1 percent and Protestant at 31.4 percent.

Here’s some information about Belize’s economy: The GDP per capita is 6,100 dollars, or number 162 country in the world. The unemployment rate is at 9 percent. The percent of the population living under the poverty line is at 41 percent.

In terms of internet usage for Belize, the internet country code is .BZ and the number of internet users is 181,660, or 47.08 percent of the total population, according to a July 2018 estimate.

As for illicit drugs, Belize is a major transshipment point for cocaine, and is also a small-scale illicit producer of cannabis, primarily for local consumption.

Here are some final thoughts on Belize: Belize has a small economy centered on tourism, agriculture, fishing, and crude oil production. Belize is highly dependent on energy imports, has high debt, high unemployment, and a great disparity between the poor and the wealthy. With high crime and HIV prevalence rates, as well as territorial disputes with Guatemala, Belize needs a well-meaning and highly efficient government to put the economy and well-being of its citizens first.

Here are some additional facts about Belize via the CIA World Factbook:

Learn more about the Belize – USA relationship from the United States Department of State Belize Fact Sheet:

Are you interested in seeing and hearing more about Belize. Here’s a tourism video about Belize you may find of interest:

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3 thoughts on “Belize — World Facts Club

  1. Hello , Hind from Iraq , Belize located in the central America bordering Caribbean Sea between Guatemala and Mexico.The capital of Belize Belmopan which organized into 6 distracts.
    The climate of Belize is tropical which is very hot and humid with a rainy season , February to may .
    The main language is English ( official) with main religion are Roman Catholic .
    Economy the GDP per capita is 6,100 dollars or number 162 in the world.
    The unemployment rate is at 9 percentage.
    The percentage of living people under the poverty line is at 42 percentage .
    As for Elicit drugs it is a major transshipment ship for Cocaine and also small illicit producer for cannabis primary for local consumption .
    Belize has small economy centered on tourism , agriculture, fishing ,and crud oil production with a height dependent on energy imports has heigh debts , heigh unemployment and great disparity between the poor and wealthy ( like my country) with heigh crime .
    Belize and Iraq ( my country ) need s a well meaning and height efficiency government to put the economy and well being of its citizen first

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