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Here are some basic facts about Bangladesh: Bangladesh is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India. The area and size of Bangladesh are 148,460 square kilometers, or number 94 largest country in the world. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka, and the country is organized into 8 different divisions. The national holiday of Bangladesh is Independence Day, celebrated every 26th of March since 1971, when Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan. The climate of Bangladesh is tropical, with mild winters and hot and humid summers, as well as humid, warm, and rainy monsoons. The country symbols of Bangladesh are the Bengal Tiger and the water lily. The colors of Bangladesh are green and red.

Here is a helpful video with more Bangladesh facts from CIA World Factbook:

Here’s some specific information about Bangladesh’s population and demographics: Although Bangladesh has a small territory, it’s large population is staggering at 164,098,818, or number 8 in the world. The main language spoken in Bangladesh is Bangla, at 98.8 percent. The main religions represented in Bangladesh are Muslim, at 89.1 percent, and Hindu, at 10 percent.

Here are more facts about Bangladesh, compliments of the United States Department Bangladesh Fact Sheet:

Here are some facts about the Bangladesh economy: The GDP per capita is quite low, at 4,754 dollars, or number 177 in the world, per a 2019 estimate. The unemployment rate is at 4.4 percent per a 2017 estimate. The percentage of people falling below the poverty line in Bangladesh was at 24.3 percent, per a 2016 estimate.

Here are some internet facts related to Bangladesh: The internet country code is .BD. The number of internet users in Bangladesh is only 15 percent of the population or 23,917,950 people, according to a 2018 estimate.

In terms of illicit drugs, Bangladesh is a transit country for illegal drugs produced in neighboring countries.

Here are some final thoughts, insights, and possible solutions to some of the problems faced by Bangladesh: Bangladesh is extremely small in size considering its large population, as well as nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees from Burma. Its economy is predominantly based on agriculture and the garments industry and is plagued by poor infrastructure, corruption, low power supplies, and slow development. Only 15 percent of the population are internet users, showing the high poverty level and extremely underdeveloped internet infrastructure of the country. Bangladesh will thrive when it will deal with it’s massive overpopulation as well as focus on it’s power grid as well as telecommunications infrastructure that will pave the way to a more varied economy.

Would you like to travel to Bangladesh and see it for yourself? Do you want to learn about the main touristic destinations of Bangladesh? Here’s a travel video to help you visualize Bangladesh:

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3 thoughts on “Bangladesh — World Facts Club

  1. Hello , hind from Iraq , Bangladesh is located in the southern Asai , bordering the Bay of Bengal , between Burma . And India.
    It numbers 94 largest country in the world .
    Dhaka is a capital of its and it is organized into 8 different divisions .
    The climate of it is tropical with mild winters and humid , hot summers as well as humid worm , rainy monsoons.
    Demographic of it has small territory with large population and it is number 8 in the world for the largest population.
    The main language spoken is Bangla with the main religion is muslim .
    The economy of it ,the GDP per capital is quit low 4,754 dollars with unemployment rate is at 4.4 percentage and the percentage of people failing below poverty line poverty was at 24 .3 percentage per at 2016.
    Internet country code is BD with the numbers of users in it is only 15 percentage of the population according to a 2918.
    The illicit drugs of it is transit country for illegal drugs produced in neighboring country .
    It is extremely small in size and large in population as well as nearly 1 million Rohingya refugee from Burma.
    It must develop poor infrastructure if it will thrive as well as will dell with massive overpopulation and focus it is power grid on telecommunication infrastructure that will pave the way to a more varied economy.

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