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Here is some basic information about Barbados: It is an island located in the Caribbean, in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela. It is quite small in size, with an area and size of 430 square kilometers, and ranked as the world’s number 201 country in size. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown. Barbados is organized into 11 parishes and 1 city. The national holiday of Barbados is Independence Day, on November 30th, since 1966. The climate of Barbados is tropical, with a rainy season. The country symbols for Barbados are Neptune’s trident, pelican, and Red Bird of Paradise flower. The official colors of Barbados are Blue, Yellow, and Black.

Here is some basic information about Barbados’ population and demographics: Barbados has a population of 301,865. The main languages spoken in Barbados are English, the official language, and Bajan. The main religions represented in Barbados are Protestant at 66.4 percent, and Roman Catholic at 3.8 percent. The literacy rate of Barbados is 99.6 percent.

As for the Barbados economy, the GDP per capita is 15,639 dollars, per a 2019 estimate. The unemployment rate is at 10.1 percent per a 2017 estimate.

Here’s some basic internet information for Barbados: Barbados’ internet country code is .BB and the number of internet users in Barbados includes 239,664, or 81.76 percent of the entire population.

In terms of illicit drugs, Barbados is one of many Caribbean transshipment points for narcotics bound for Europe and the United States.

Here are Maestro Sersea’s final thoughts, and insights for Barbados: One of the wealthiest countries in Eastern Caribbean, Barbados has high GDP with a diversified economy into light industry and tourism. A beautiful touristic destination, Barbados hosts tourists from all over the world who desire a fun and safe Caribbean travel destination.

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Barbados is a beautiful island you need to see for yourself. Here is a tourism video for Barbados to help you learn about the different travel destinations and touristic attractions it offers:

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  1. Hello , Hind from Iraq .
    Barbados is an island located in the Caribbean in the North Atlantic Ocean ، northeast of Venezuelan .
    It is small area and ranked as the world ‘s number 201 country in size.
    The climate of it is tropical with rainy season .
    Demographic of it which the main language are English , the official language are Bajan. With main religion is Protestant , Catholic.
    The economy. , GDP per capita $15,639 per at 2019 , the unemployment 10.1 percentage in 2017.
    Internet information of it , is country code BB , and the number of internet user are 81.76 percentage of the entire population.
    The term of illicit drugs it is one of many Caribbean transshipment point for narcotic bound for Europe and US .
    Barbados is one of the wealthiest country in the eastern Caribbean has high GDP with diversified economy into high industry and tourism with a beautiful touristic destination

  2. Hello Sir!
    I am Samir Malviya from India here today I learnt about Barbados. It is a wealthiest country and also a beautiful touristic destination I love this kind of place.
    Thank you so much sir 😊🙏

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