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Here are some basic facts about Andorra:

Andorra is a very small, landlocked country, located in Southwestern Europe, in the Pyrenees Mountains, on the border between France and Spain. Andorra has a total area of 468 square kilometers and is considered number 195 in the world in regards to size. The capital of Andorra is Andorra la Vella. Andorra is organized into 7 parishes. Andorra celebrates it’s Independence since 1278, and its National Holiday is Lady of Meritxell Day, celebrated every 8th of September since 1278. The climate of Andorra is temperate, with snowy, cold winters and warm and dry summers. The country symbol of Andorra is a red cow, and the official colors of Andorra are blue, yellow, and red.

Here are some facts about Andorra’s population and demographics:

Andorra has a population of 85,645 people, ranked as the 199th in the world. The official language of Andorra is Catalan. Other languages spoken include French, Castilian, and Portuguese. The predominant religion in Andorra is Roman Catholic. The literacy rate in Andorra is at 100%.

Here are some facts about Andorra’s economy:

Andorra has an impressive GDP per capita of $49,900 per 2015 statistics. The unemployment rate is at 3.7%.

Here are some facts about Andorra’s internet use:

Andorra’s internet country code is .AD and it has an astounding percentage of internet users of 78,483 or 91.57% of its entire population.

Maestro Sersea’s thoughts about Andorra:

Andorra is a model country with free-market economy and one of the highest per capita incomes in Europe. The economy is exemplary with highly-developed tourism industry, finance, and retail sales, as well as an advanced fiber-optic internet infrastructure covering the entire country. With a strong economy and 100% literacy rate, Andorra is the place to be.

Here is an informative video covering Andorra facts from the CIA World Factbook. Let us know what you’ve learned from this helpful video:

Here is additional information about Andorra adapted from the United States Department of State Andorra Factsheet. Let us know what you’ve learned from this resource:

Here’s a tourism video from Andorra. Please watch this video and let us know if you’d like to travel to Andorra.

Do you like world music? Here’s folk music from Andorra. Do you enjoy listening to this musical selection? How do you feel when you listen to this selection of music from Andorra?

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16 thoughts on “Andorra – World Facts Club

  1. what an amazing country!landlocked but they managed to use the few resources they have to develop their country ,to make it attractive and to improve the welfare of its population .

  2. Hello , hind from Iraq ,Andorra is impressive landlocked Small country , on the border between France and Spain , where located in southwestern in Europe.The official language are Catalan , French , Castilian , Portuguese with predominant religion is Roman Catholic .
    The climate of it is snowy cold winter and warm dry summer.
    I wish my country like this country for literacy rate and unemployment , an impressive GDP per capital , astounding percentage of internet withe model country with free market economy and one of the highest per capital income , I would like my country has economy with high developed tourism industry finance and retail sales like Andorra though we have a diversified treasure resource but we did not have human management for the right place without corruption means successful country administration .

  3. Hello teacher, how are you? You are doing a great job. From this lesson, I learnt about Andorra, its
    socio- economic, geographic features and other informations. Watch the videos, it seems to me Andorra is very beautiful country. If I have a lot of money I would tour there. Thanks a lot.

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