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Here are some basic facts about Angola: Angola is a country located in Southern Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean between Namibia and Democratic Republic of Congo. Angola is the 24th largest country in the world, with an area of 1,246,700 square kilometers. The capital of Angola is Luanda and the country is organized into 18 different provinces. Angola’s national holiday is Independence Day, from when it claimed independence from Portugal on 11th of November, 1975. Angola’s climate is semi-arid with a cool and dry season between May and October, and a hot and rainy season between November and April. Angola’s national symbol is the Palanca Negra Gigante, or giant black sable antelope, and the national colors are red, black, and yellow.

Here are some facts about Angola’s population and demographics: Angola’s population is the 42nd largest in the world, at 33,642,646, estimated in 2021. The main languages spoken in Angola include Portuguese (official) at 71.2%, Umbundu at 23%, Kikongo at 8.2%, Kimbundu at 7.8%, and Chokwe at 6.5% among others. The two main religions represented in Angola include Roman Catholic at 41.1% and Protestant at 38.1%. Angola’s total population literacy rate is at 71.1%, with 82% for males and 60.7% for females, estimated in 2015.

Here are some facts about Angola’s economy: Angola’s GDP per capita is at $6,670, or number 161 in the world. 85% of the labor force is in agriculture. There’s an unemployment rate of 6.6%. 32.3% of the population in Angola in 2018 was considered to be below the poverty line.

Here are some facts about internet use in Angola: The internet country code for Angola is .AO . The total number of internet users in Angola is 4,353,033 or 14.34% of the total population of Angola.

Here are some facts about illicit drugs in Angola: Angola is used as a transshipment point for cocaine destined for Western Europe, South Africa, and other African states.

Here are Maestro Sersea’ s thoughts about Angola: A former Portuguese Colony, Angola gained independence in 1975 but has been marred by civil war and other insurgencies costing millions of lives and millions of people displaced. Economy needs to develop beyond agriculture and embrace technology. Internet use needs to go beyond the current 14.34% by building internet infrastructure throughout the country. Angola’s literacy rate needs to increase, especially for females.

Here’s some additional information about Angola from the CIA World Factbook:

Here is additional information about Angola gathered from the 2021 United States Department of State Angola Fact Sheet:

Now, let’s watch a video that shows the 10 best places to visit in Angola. Watch the video and make sure to let us know where in Angola you would like to visit:

Are you a fan of international music? Here is some uplifting traditional music from Angola you’re sure to enjoy:

Now you can learn about “kuduro” a modern type of music originated in the streets of Angola via this helpful news video from EuroNews:

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  1. Hello, Hind from Iraq, Angola is country located in the Southern Africa, it is 24th largest country in the world . the capital of it is Luanda which has 18 different province.
    Climate is semi arid with cool and dry between may and October and hot and rainy season between November and April The main language spoken is Portuguese (official) with Roman Catholic and Protestant religion .
    There are 32 percentage of population in Angola in 2018 was consider below poverty line because the economy GDP per capita is at $ 6,670 in addition to population literacy is 71 percentage whose improve rate literacy especially for females.
    Angola. Consider transshipment for cocaine destained from western to Europeans Africa .
    It suffer marred civil war and other insurgences costing peoples displaced as well economy need to develop beyond agriculture and embrace technology , that the same thing my county need it because we have many ethnic group with corrupt and wrong politician led high population rate below poverty of line. And weak economy depend Only Petrol as well unstable and low investing .

  2. Hello teacher,how are you? I have known about Angola from World Facts Club. Angola was got independence before 46 years and it is the 24th largest country in the world, but it cannot develop
    many vital indicators, such as, per capita income, literacy rate, poverty elimination etc. In the view of present world, it’s very poor to internet use, only 14.34% of total population to get internet facility. I did not know its population growth rate. Thank you so much.

  3. Hello teacher,how are you? I don’t know for what reasons my comment is not accepted. If I know that I will be correction. please inform me. Thanks.

  4. Hello teacher, how are you? I don’t understand for what reasons my comment is not accepted. Have
    problems? If I know it I will be correction. Please inform me. Thanks.

  5. Fantastic presentation of Angola, there are many interesting area to visit in Angola. Hope to have an opportunity to visit these lovely touristic site.

  6. fantastic story about Angola. It is indeed a beautiful with awesome places to visit . If I had an opportunity to visit Angola I would start by the Dala waterfalls .

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