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Here are some basic facts about Albania:

Albania is a country located in Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea, between Greece to the South and Montenegro and Kosovo to the North. Albania has a total area of 28,748 square kilometers and is the 144th country in the world in size. Albania’s capital is Tirana, and the country is organized into 12 separate counties. Albania’s national holiday is Independence Day also known as Flag Day, celebrated every 28th of November, based on the event in 1912 when Albania gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. Albania has a mild temperate climate with cool and wet winters and hot and dry summers. The Albanian national symbol is a black double-headed eagle, and the national colors are red and black.

Here are some facts about Albania’s population and demographics: Albania’s population was estimated at 3,088,385 as of July, 2021, ranked as the 136th in the world. The main languages spoken in Albania include Albanian, 98.8%, Greek, 0.5%, and others. Albania’s main religions include Muslim at 56.7%, Roman Catholic at 10%, and Orthodox at 6.8%. Albania’s total population literacy rate is at 98.1%, consisting of males at 98.5 literacy and females at 97.8 literacy.

Here are some facts about Albania’s economy: Albania’s GDP per capita was $13,965 in 2019, ranking it as number 118 in the world. Albania’s unemployment estimated rate in 2019 was 5.83%. Albania’s population below the poverty line in 2012 was estimated at 14.3%.

Here are some facts about internet use in Albania: Albania’s internet country code is .AL. There are an estimated 2,196,613 internet users in Albania, meaning that approximately 71.85% of the population are connected to the internet.

Here are some facts about illicit drugs in Albania: Albania is an active trans shipment point for Southwest Asian opiates, hashish, and cannabis transiting the Balkan route.

Here are Maestro Sersea’s thoughts about Albania: Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Certain things must improve so that Albania may thrive. As the economy will develop as well as the energy and transportation infrastructure, the country will benefit and become more likely a part of the European Union. Unfortunately, Communism left its dark mark of political corruption in Albania, and that has to be addressed as well.

Here is additional relevant information about Albania adapted from CIA World Factbook. Please watch this video about Albania and let us know what you learned in the comments section below.

Here is additional information about Albania adapted from the 2021 United States of America Department of State Fact Sheet. Here you can learn a lot about Albania from the point of view of the government of the United States of America. Please watch this helpful video about Albania and let us know what you’ve learned:

Here is a tourism video from Albania so you can see it for yourself. What do you think about Albania as a touristic destination?

If you’re a fan of world music, you can now appreciate the following video with folk music from Albania. Share your thoughts about Albanian folk music with us in the comments section below.

Thank you for learning about Albania. Now you’re invited to share your insights gained about Albania in the comments section below so you can improve your American English communication skills.

12 thoughts on “Albania – World Facts Club

  1. I got very useful and interesting information , facts and knowledge about Albania. I never knew that Albania was the part of Attomn Empire.

      1. That poorest country of Europe that some people like to emphasis has as been shelter for 3 thousand Iranian people. In Albania comes around 5 thousand refugees from Afghanistan. Albanian are happy helping people in need.

  2. Hello , Hind from Iraq , Albania is poorest countries in Europe .it is 144 the in the world in the size with capital is Tirana .which has 12 provinces .The main language spoken is Albanian with main religions include Muslim at 56.7./.
    The economy is ranking it as number 118 in the world which employment estimate rate at 2019 was 5.3 / while population below the poverty line in 2012 was estimate at 14.3/ .
    Albania is an active trans shipment point to Asia opiates , hashes and cannabin transiting the Balkan route.
    There is similar between Albania and Iraq that is poor economy so must improve and may be thrive by energy and transportation infrastructure while communism left dark mark of political corruption in Albanian however religious party left dark mark of political corruption though we have richest country in world also we have many unemployment though have young resource development with natural wealth

    1. Thank you for sharing, Hind. Good idea to discuss the similarities between your country and Albania! We need to get rid of corruption.

  3. Hello , Hind from Iraq , US. government assistance aim to help Albania strengthen democratic institutions and rule law promote – based economic growth while I hope. Also to Iraq however it only wish

  4. Hello,
    This is Albertine from Rwanda.
    I am happy to learn about Albania. It’s my first time to learn this country. What I discovered is that Albania is big in size than Rwanda with 26,338 kmยฒ.
    Thank you for sharing information to help us to know other countries.
    Thank you

  5. Albania

    One of the facts that catched up my attention its how they gained its independence in November 28th, 1912 from the ottaman empire, the national holiday is independence day also known as flag day, Its capital is Tirana and it is organized into 12 counties. Albania is located in southeastern Europe, bordering the adriatic sea and ionian sea, between Greece to the south and Montenegro and Kosovo at the north. With a population stimated of 3, 088, 385 as of July 2021. The national symbol is a black doble head eagle and the national colors are black and red. Albania internet code is .Al and it has an stimated of 2,196,613 internet users, so that mean that 71.85% of the population is connected to the internet.

  6. Hello!
    I am Tatamo from Madagascar.
    I am very glad to learn more about Albania, thank you very much for the lesson.
    I have learnt that as of June 2014, Albania is a candidate for accession into the European Union.
    Just one question please, Sir, I wanna know if they can get acces to be part of the European Union after 7 years or not yet? Thank you.

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