Who’s your favorite football player?

If you are an avid fan of football, you must have a favorite football player. Who’s your favorite football player?

Share your favorite player with us and improve your English writing skills by adding a response in the comments section below.

One thought on “Who’s your favorite football player?

  1. Greetins Maestro Sersea
    Get inspired:
    The beautiful game, the national game, and the international game. Football is considered a phenomenon hundred of millions of people across the globe breathe it, playing it with their friends and watch in their homes.
    An article publicated on Saturday 5, 2022 at BBC News Sport is showed how football clubs, players, and fans across England came together to send a message and gesture of support to Ukraine.
    Through banners, cards and yellow wreaths were laid on the pitch by Chelsea and Manchester City before the start of the women’s Continental Cup Final at Wimbledon’s Cherry Red Records Stadium. This football community took the opportunity to demonstrate its opposition to the conflict between Russia’s invation to Ukraine and they have condemned the action and have asked for peace.

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