What’s your favorite cricket team?

Countries like India and Pakistan take the game of cricket very seriously. Do you enjoy cricket? What’s your favorite cricket team?

Share your favorite cricket team with the rest of the world and help improve your English writing skills by adding a comment below.

One thought on “What’s your favorite cricket team?

  1. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    A little bit about the Cricket sport, despise cricket is an unknown sport for me I had to go to read about this famous sport that is displayed by more than 120 million players, is the second sport most popular worldwide. This sport was born in England in the medieval age in 1727 it was invented in the vast field of England supposedly by shepherds who herded their flock. Cricket involves two teams with eleven players on each side. The Capitan who wins the toss decides whether his team bats or bowls first. If they bat first, their aim is to score a lot of runs and make sure the other team does not reach that score. Key players have three functions. Batsmen, bowling and fielding
    Batsmen are one to score runs on the balls bowled by the bowler
    A bowler is one who bowls and tries to get the batsmen ¨out¨ dismissing them from the ground
    Fielders are the 10 players who assist the bowler in achieving his goal and prevent the batsmen from scoring runs.
    However, I will have to watch different matches to define which team is my favorite but it is an interesting sport.
    Best Regard,

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