What’s your favorite sport?

Tell us what is your favorite sport? Do you enjoy playing it or watching it? Describe why you enjoy this sport so much.

This is a great opportunity for English Learners to practice English writing skills as well as share their thoughts on the topic of favorite sports.

Write your answers in the comments section below and don’t forget to read and respond to other responses as well.

5 thoughts on “What’s your favorite sport?

  1. Good morning Teacher. Very nice space about sports. As a latin american people I enjoy soccer. In my country almost 90% of the population plays, enjoy and wacht soccer championships. I just get injuried in my leg playing with my friends, but is part of the game,
    The other sports that I like so much It coul be basketball and voley ball. In my country alsoi since a coupole of years young people plays “pikivoley”, its like the volley game but it should be play with the foot, chest and head not with hands. IUn this game people also bet money in this sports, its plays in a lot of neigbors

  2. Greetings Maestro Sersea
    I enjoy watching a good match soccer. For me, It is exciting mainly when the games have to be defined by penalties. Sometimes, I watch the matches to the champion League.
    I really enjoy it.

    Best Regards

  3. Hello English learners,
    My favourite sport is volleyball. It is a sport I played when I was younger. Many competition we had with different teams in different towns of my country. We owned many cups. We have visited many cities and played against many clubs.

  4. Hello English learners,
    I like soccer and hoping that this is most popular sport around the world. I am from “Myanmar” , our people are very much crazy in Manchester team.

  5. Greetings to all.
    Every sport has its interesting aspects and its followers. Particularly my favorite sport is football or soccer. I used to play him in the left midfield position. My friends and former coaches say that I was a good player and reached a high level of performance in the first category.
    Now I prefer to watch and comment on the matches hanging out with my teammates and friends, having a coffee or a good beer.
    Gooooal! is the cry of victory when your team scores. that moment is very exciting.

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