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Basic facts about Belarus: Belarus is located in Eastern Europe, east of Poland. The area and size of Belarus is 207,600 square kilometers, which is number 86 size country in the world. The capital of Belarus is Minsk. Belarus is separated into 6 provinces and one municipality. Belarus celebrates 2 Independence Days, July 3rd, 1944, when Minsk was liberated from German troops, and August 25th, 1991, when it became independent from the Soviet Union. The climate of Belarus includes cold winters, cool and moist summers, and is transitional between continental and maritime. A well known traditional country symbol for Belarus is the mounted knight known as Pahonia (the Chaser). Green, red, and white, are considered the national colors of Belarus.

In regards to Belarus’ population and demographics, here are some basic facts: Belarus has 9,441,842 population, ranked as number 94th in the world according to a July 2021 estimate. The main languages spoken in Belarus are Russian, the official language, with 70.2 percent of the population, and Belarussian, also the official language, with 23.4 percent of the population. The main religions represented in Belarus are Orthodox, at 48.3 percent, Catholic, at 7.1 percent, and Non-Believers, at 41.1 percent. The literacy rate of Belarus is high, at 99.8%.

Here is some information about the Belarus economy: The GDP per capita is 19,100 dollars, or number 90 in the world, according to a 2020 estimate. The unemployment rate in Belarus is .08, according to a 2017 estimate, and the percentage of people living below the poverty line in Belarus is at 5 percent, according to a 2017 estimate.

Here is some basic internet information about Belarus: The internet country code for Belarus is .BY and the number of internet users in Belarus was at 7,539,145 people, or 79.13 percent of the population according to a July 2018 estimate.

In terms of Illegal drugs, there is limited cultivation of opium poppy and cannabis, mostly for the domestic market. Belarus is a transshipment point for illicit drugs to and via Russia, and the Baltics and Western Europe.

Here are some final thoughts and insights on Belarus: Belarus has been a constituent republic of the USSR for 7 decades and although it has been independent since 1991, it is still facing authoritarian leadership and a centralized economic system. Belarus can benefit socially and economically by further embracing democracy for it’s political system and capitalism for its economic system.

Here’s an informative video about Belarus from CIA World Factbook:

Here’s an additional informative video about Belarus, this time based on the United States Department Belarus Fact Sheet:

Would you like to travel to Belarus, to learn more about it and see it for yourself? Why not start with a tourism video from Belarus right here?

Here’s an example of a traditional song and dance from Belarus. Enjoy this music and dance video:

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  2. Hello , Hind from Iraq, Belarus is located in the eastern Europe, east of Poland.
    The number size is 86 size country in the world , which capital is Minsk, also it separated in to 6 provinces and 1 municipality , it have 2 independence day.
    The climate of it is cold winter , cold and moist summer and traditional between continental and maritime .
    The demographic it has ranked as number 94th in the world according to a July 2021 estimate , the main language spoken in it are Russian the official language of 72% of the population and the main religion in it is Orthodox , Catholic , the literacy of it is high at 99.8%.
    The fact about Belarus economy is the GDP per capital $ 19,100 or number 90 in the world according to 2020 estimate with the unemployment rate is 0.8 and the percentage of people living below the poverty line in it at 5 percentage to a July 2018 estimate .
    The illegal drug of it is limited cultivation of opium poppy and cannabis mostly for the demotic market but it is transshipment for illicit drugs to and via Russia and the Baltic and western Europe .
    Some fact about inside ( like my country)
    Belarus it is still facing authoritarian leadership and centralized economic system, it can benefit socially and economically by further embracing democracy for its political system and capitalism system for it economy system
    Iraqi people suffer many troubles have problem from bad political so human trafficking exploit this and cheat them by immigration to Europe then they founded them self with theirs family’s reserved in Belarus

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